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Sheriff Elizabeth Warren

August 20, 2010

With the financial reform bill behind us, we’ve moved onto a new challenge: making sure the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is as strong as possible and is led by a great consumer advocate.

Professor Warren has been fighting on behalf of consumers for decades, and her dedication to the cause coupled with her experience, her independence, and her efficiency make her the best person to lead the CFPB.

The big banks are dipping into their wallets once again to fuel the fight against her nomination as CFPB director.  They know that with Elizabeth Warren in charge, the CFPB will be strong, and will actually fight to protect consumers.  This just serves as further proof as to why we have to make sure Professor Warren becomes the first CFPB director.

Consumer advocacy groups are coming together to ask President Obama to nominate Elizabeth Warren as soon as possible.  To raise your voice about this issue, sign our petition here or write to the President and your Senators here.

Support for Elizabeth Warren comes in many forms, including this Western-themed rap from our friends at the Main Street Brigade.  Enjoy, share, and pass it on: We need Sheriff Warren in DC!

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