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Showdown: Main Street vs Wall Street

April 21, 2010

The big banks shattered our economy and left workers and our communities to clean up the pieces. We’ve lost 8 million jobs, 1 out of every 8 mortgages is in default or foreclosure, and our cities, counties and states teeter on the edge of bankruptcy. Now the same banks that we bailed out are pouring $1.4 million per day into the Senate to stop real Wall Street reform.

Sign the petition to hold banks accountable!

Check out our calendar to find a Showdown event coming up in your area.

One Comment
  1. les permalink
    April 28, 2010 10:21 pm

    big banks as always made alot of money on the blue collar workers and i feel they should be accountable for they miss use of the money they get be i have a question who will inforce the new laws the federal govement that just as currupt as the big banks in my eyes because we the taxpayers the one that pay taxes all year long will be stuck with the bill for all reform to the big banks and that a lot to past down to next genertion so my kids will have pay for this and his kids and so on and be awhile for this paid off i also think we shouln’t pay for all senator retirement and all other goverment people that do not pay into retirement becuase they have it had already if they had to paid SS tax and relied on it they more worried about it i know this just my thought but think we can’t change till we sart at the top with changeing the big housse goverment system this a new times it time for a new goverment that for the people and by the people no electro colleges or votes

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