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Committee for Truth… Or Not.

February 16, 2010

A recent commercial which ran in 35 states and was paid for by the “Committee for Truth in Politics” claimed that passing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency would hurt consumers by giving the banks another $4 trillion dollar bailout.

Well here’s some actual truth for the “Committee for Truth in Politics,” you’re wrong!  Ed Meirzwinski from US PIRG points out that the language used in this ad follows all of Frank Luntz’s suggestions on how to defeat financial reform legislation and contains no new information nor concrete proof to back up its claims.  Heather Booth, from Americans for Financial Reform, has already shot down many of the claims made by Luntz and perpetuated by this ad.  Upon further inspection, it is hard to tell just who makes up this “Committee for Truth in Politics.”  So far, this well funded organization is protecting their identity very well… Sound fishy?  Sound like Wall Street?  We’ll just have to see.

Ad attacks ‘big bank bailout bill’ – Watch more Politics Videos at Vodpod.
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