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Don't let Dodd "dance with the special interests"

January 19, 2010

Tell Senator Dodd to put consumers first – sign the petition now!

Recently, a financial industry lobbyist said that because Senator Dodd is retiring, he is now free to “dance with the special interests who brought him to the dance in the first place.  Us, his loyal donors in the banking community.”

On the contrary, consumer advocates believe that Senator Dodd has a great opportunity to hold the bankers accountable now that he has no further need for their campaign contributions.  He has a unique chance to cut his ties with the big bank lobbyists and show consumers that he has their best interests in mind.

Our friends at Public Citizen have put together a petition to make sure Dodd knows that consumers should be next on his dance card, and to tell him that we’re counting on him to cement his legacy as a consumer advocate by protecting Main Street – not dancing with Wall Street.

No matter where you’re from, Senator Dodd needs to hear from you.  Click here to sign the petition today!

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  1. Kim Forbes-Gayton permalink
    January 21, 2010 5:29 pm

    I commend Mr. Dodd’s efforts in the Senate to hold the banks accountable. I also realize that he also benefited from their largesse. It would be great if he could be the former inside, now on the outside, AND continue to hold the banks accountable. Yet, given the largess and his work toward holding the banks accountable, I find that I (and therefore, we) cannot depend on Mr. Dodd’s decision. Therefore, I say that we the citizenry must keep up the fight, as we did last summer in telling the Treasury EXACTLY what we thought of the banking industry (credit cards included) and keep our ‘representatives’ also accountable to the fact that WE the people elect them to represent our interests, not the special interests!

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