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B of A Fires Employee for Helping Customers

December 11, 2009

Do you think that overlimit and bank fees are unfair, given the difference between how little the banks are inconvenienced and how much consumers are charged?  Jackie Romas did, and now she’s lost her job because of it.

The Huffington Post reports that Jackie was fired by Bank of America for helping customers who had incurred these fees and hit hard times.  Instead of acting as a debt collector, like B of A wanted her to, Jackie used the loopholes in the bank’s contracts to help people get into better programs and avoid hefty fines.

“So I stopped denying people [the ability to modify their accounts],” said Ramos. “I helped people get on programs that they didn’t necessarily qualify for but who definitely needed the help.”  But once the bank caught wind of her actions, they fired her.

Jackie Ramos serves as yet another example of why we need mandated financial reform.  Banks aren’t going to change their ways voluntarily, and one person can only make a difference for so long before the banks catch on.  We need an overhaul of the entire system so that more people can get the help they deserve.

Support financial reform and the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency today by signing our petition!

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