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Not so "free" after all – Help stop misleading ads

November 4, 2009

Are you tired of those ads featuring singing pirates, talking about how easy it is to get your “free credit report”?  The Federal Trade Commission is, and we are, too!

The Credit CARD Act requires that the FTC clean up ads like this one that offer misleading or deceptive information, as we blogged about this summer.  You can have a say on what’s included in the final rules simply by submitting a public comment.

The New York Times had an article on this topic yesterday; it serves as a good reference if you want to learn more about just how “un-free” those credit reports actually are and what’s being done about them.  If you’re not already angry enough to write to the FTC about this issue, you might be by the time you’re done reading the article and have heard more about the profits earned by misleading consumers.

Share your story with the FTC, and then post it to our website to warn other consumers.

(Photo: TheConsumerist)

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