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Raise Your Voice at the Showdown in Chicago

October 5, 2009

Consumer advocates have a message for the banking industry: bring it on.

From October 25 – 27, thousands of concerned Americans will gather in Chicago to make their voices heard during the American Bankers Association Convention.  This series of demonstrations and rallies is intended to remind the industry of the power of the people.

We paid for Wall Street’s bailout and they returned the favor by raising interest rates, adding service fees, charging ridiculous amounts for slight overdrafts, and refusing to modify mortgages.

AFFIL has endorsed the upcoming events in Chicago, and now we’re asking for you to support it too.

If you’re able, join the Showdown in Chicago, and raise your voice in favor of financial reform and a fair financial system.  If you’re not in the area, you can contact your elected officials using our online system.

In this David vs. Goliath match-up, consumers need all the help they can get.  Continue to follow our blog for more ways to get involved.

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