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"American Casino" – Coming to a theater near you!

August 27, 2009

Do you ever open your credit card bill and wonder what interest rate you’ll see?  Read the newspaper and guess which major bank wants a bailout now?  Feel like putting money into the stock market is no better than a bet you could place at your local track?

This sense of gambling, of wild uncertainty in the economy and its workings, is part of what drives “American Casino,” the latest documentary from Leslie and Andrew Cockburn.  Their new feature-length film investigates the inner workings of Wall Street’s handling of mortgages, retirement funds, and everything in between.

The movie has already opened in Chicago, is currently playing in San Francisco, and opens in Milwaukee tomorrow.  Click here to see when the movie is coming to a theater near you.

“American Casino” has opened to rave reviews from consumers and consumer advocates alike.  Click here to read some of the reviews about this new film.

For more information about debt and credit related documentaries available through AFFIL, click here.

(Photo: American Casino)

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