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You Can't Stop Elizabeth Warren

May 18, 2009

Over the weekend, Elizabeth Warren appeared on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” and last week she also appeared on Charlie Rose (below).  This adds to her recent appearances on the Squawk Box, the Daily Show, and Dateline.  Clearly Professor Warren is a woman with a message for the American people, and she’s not stopping until we all hear it!

Here’s how the Huffington Post describes her interview with Bill Maher:

TARP watchdog Elizabeth Warren sat down for an interview with Bill Maher on last night’s episode of “Real Time.” One of the topics she and Maher discussed was the current credit card legislation and how usury has regained a place within our society. Warren stated that this is the reason we needed a credit card bill of rights, to prevent companies from arbitrarily raising interest rates and burying people in a mountain of debt. Maher took another angle, saying it proved that we really just don’t treat each other very well.

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