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Don’t Miss the Daily Show Tonight

April 15, 2009

Rumor has it that Elizabeth Warren will be the guest on the Daily Show tonight (Comedy Central, 11pm/10 c).  Professor Warren is currently head of the Congressional Oversight Panel overseeing the TARP funds, and she was featured prominently throughout the movie Maxed Out.  She is also the originator of the idea to create a Financial Product Safety Commission (FPSC).

Senator Durbin’s S. 566 would create an FPSC, which would be responsible for requiring safety in financial products across all types of financial services providers.  Consumers Union recently put together this Fact Sheet (PDF) about the FPSC, and we blogged about it here.  It’s a great idea that AFFIL and many other consumer groups are supporting.

Professor Warren also famously coined the “toaster analogy” to explain the need for an FPSC.  But if she mentions it tonight, it won’t be the late-night debut of the idea, as President Obama used it in his late-night appearance on Jay Leno last month.

Professor Warren is also profiled in a Newsweek article which describes her decision to move from a largely academic life to one more public.  While perhaps the article gives a bit too much credit to Dr. Phil, we’re all very grateful for her decision to get out into the limelight and advocate for consumers.  Be sure to catch her on the Daily Show tonight – or, if 11pm is a bit late for your routine, look for a video on this blog tomorrow, or for a rerun on Comedy Central.

(Photo:  Donovan Govan)

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