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SunSentinal.Com: How credit card companies are ruining your credit score and contributing to our economic malaise

March 18, 2009

Consumer advocate and AFFIL friend Denise Richardson (pictured) wrote this great piece for today’s  She explains:

Your credit score just dropped, but you didn’t do anything wrong. Millions of borrowers are in the same boat. Someone changed the rules of the game and consumers are the ones taking the hit. And fair or not, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

People are facing serious hardships. They are losing their homes, their jobs, their savings, their health insurance and their pensions. This latest maneuver to raise interest rates and lower credit lines is costly and unfair. It isn’t just kicking someone while they’re down, rather it appears they’re beating, kicking, punching, stomping and hitting them over the head with a two by four before finally spitting on them and then hammering another nail in their coffin!

You can read Denise’s full column here, and visit our Action Alerts section to ask Congress to reform the credit card industry now.

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