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Minneapolis Star Tribune: When credit cards attack

November 29, 2008

AFFIL appeared in this article by Kara McGuire on November 29, 2008

…Those with good to excellent credit should find attractive rates, as creditors are still competing for the best customers.

Jim Campen, executive director of Americans for Fairness in Lending, suggests carrying multiple credit cards so if one card changes its terms unfavorably, another card is at the ready.

The best strategy, it seems to me, is to shop (for a card) when you don’t need to,” he said. Of course, if you are easily tempted by having lots of available credit, this is not the solution for you.

Whether your credit is good or bad, all plastic-wielding consumers must put up with the creditors’ right to change card terms at any time for any reason. “It’s really hard to shop,” Campen said. “Even when you do shop in detail, they just change the terms on you.”

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