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National Civil Rights, Consumer, Community Development and Housing Groups Respond to Attacks on CRA

October 10, 2008
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Press Release (PDF)

The following group of civil rights, consumer, community development, and housing groups today made the following statement:

“Recent conversations pointing to the Community Reinvestment Act as the cause of the foreclosure crisis and credit market crisis are an attempt to deflect attention away from the real problem affecting our financial system. That problem is failed regulatory policy and oversight.

“For more than a decade, community leaders, civil rights proponents and housing groups have raised concerns about unfair, deceptive and abusive lending practices that have undermined homeownership aspirations for millions of working families. Those pleas for better regulatory policy and oversight not only went ignored, in some cases they were contradicted by regulatory policy that made predatory lending more virulent and prevalent in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.”

Read the full statement (PDF).

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