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New Radio Ads Urge Consumers To Speak Out Against Home Foreclosures And Predatory Lending In Kansas

May 12, 2008
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Press Release (PDF)

Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) is launching a new radio advertising campaign today highlighting the devastating impact predatory lending is having on residents of Kansas. Thirty- and 60-second spots are airing during drive time on major radio stations in the Kansas City area declaring that predatory lending is a “Man-Made Disaster.”

The ads highlight the fact that Kansas property values have fallen by over $200 million in the foreclosure crisis. In conjunction with an interactive online campaign at, the radio spots reveal that Congress, especially some of Kansas’ own elected representatives, are not protecting homeowners and consumers from predatory lending practices.

“Kansans are getting hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis, and they’re suffering as a direct result of abusive, predatory lending practices,” said AFFIL Executive Director Jim Campen. “Our ‘Man-Made Disaster’ radio campaign is part of local and national efforts to educate consumers about how Congress is failing to protect Americans from toxic mortgages, payday loan rip-offs and sky-high credit card interest rates and fees.”

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