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Senator Hillary Clinton Joins Senators Obama and Edwards in Endorsing AFFIL's Principles of Fair Lending

January 28, 2008

Press Release (PDF)

Democratic Presidential Candidates Stand Up For Consumers Against Predatory Lending Practices; Republican Candidates Yet to Respond

With Hillary Clinton’s endorsement today of Americans for Fairness in Lending’s (AFFIL) Six Principles of Fairness in Lending, every Democratic presidential candidate has joined the call for the return of reasonable oversight and regulation of America’s runaway lending industry. Senator Clinton joins Senators Barack Obama and John Edwards in endorsing the AFFIL Principles.

AFFIL has asked all presidential candidates to publicly endorse its Principles and four other Democratic candidates—Governor Richardson, Senators Dodd and Gravel, and Congressman Kucinich—also did so. No Republican candidate has yet responded to AFFIL’s requests to their campaigns to endorse the Principles.

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