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New Viral Video Exposes Predatory Credit Card Solicitation on Campus, Engages Young Activists

October 3, 2007

You’ve Been F#%’D! —Animated Parody of TV’s Popular “Punk’d” —Features Host Cashton Klutcher Warning College Students about Easy Credit Rip-Offs on Campus

Right on the heels of the subprime lending market implosion and Congressional hearings about abusive profit-driven credit card policies, a new “viral video,” available at, is attracting national attention by taking on the ever-increasing presence of credit card lenders on America’s college campuses.

The controversial new animation making the Internet rounds features a salty spoof of the popular TV show, “Punk’d,” called You’ve Been F#%’D!. In it, TV Host Cashton Klutcher sets up another elaborate practical joke – this time with long-lasting implications – between a college student and the credit card hawker who lures him into the great American debt spiral.

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